Dog Boarding

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Premium Dog Boarding in Fairview, TN

Greymont has established a loving and loyal clientele, with generations of families and pets returning for our dog boarding services. Our professional staff strives to build relationships with our clients — owners and pets — enhancing the experience for all. We provide a customized and carefree experience for each guest and ensure their safety, sense of security, health, and happiness while at their home away from home.

Each dog’s room provides a safe and comfortable retreat, and includes an indoor area with central heat/air, bedding, resting benches, and fresh water, as well as an outdoor run!

Dog Boarding Packages and Pricing

Peak Period Pricing


An additional $5/night will be added to your boarding base rate during Peak Periods. Peak Period dates are May 26th - Sept 11th,

November 15th - November 26th, and December 15th - January 7th

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Boarding Requirements

●    All guests must have current Rabies, DHPP, & Bordetella vaccinations

●    All dogs must be on a monthly flea and tick program

●    All dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age. Male guests over the age of one year must also be neutered. Intact females are accepted into daycare, they are not allowed to attend when in season.

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Add-Ons +

  • Daycare

  • Spa Services

  • Treats

  • Puppy Postcard

  • Individual playtime

  • Cuddle and Storytime

  • Walks

  • Brain Games

  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party

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Medication & Food Policies

We are happy to administer oral or topical medications or supplements to your pets! Medication must be in the original prescribed container with the prescription label adhered.

Please bring enough food for the duration of your pet's boarding stay. You must provide individual prepackaged containers or Ziploc bags with your pet’s name and food measured by meal or a meal packaging fee of $3 per day (max of $15 per boarding stay) will be applied to your pet’s invoice. Canned food and meal toppers are accepted in their original container but must be labeled with your pet's name.

Importance of Resting

You may be asking – why is my pup resting and not outside with all their furry friends? Routine rest time during daycare is not only important to the health of your pet, but also for the safety of the entire pack. Resting refers to the downtime in between playtime during daycare. This gives your pet a chance to recuperate, so they do not exhaust themselves before their visit comes to an end, which is especially important for our full-day guests. Additionally, resting significantly decreases the chances of injuries within the pack. Just like with humans, rest allows for the microtears in their muscles from exercising to repair and become stronger.


We take the safety of our pets and staff very seriously. Resting is an important part of our safety guidelines, including temperament tests and dividing our daycare pups into playgroups based on this temperament and size.

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