The Cattery

Sleeping cat next to window.

Luxury Cat Boarding in Fairview, TN

Tucked away in a quiet area away from our canine guests, our feline friends climb, stretch, and snooze. They enjoy a sunny atmosphere with views of our busy bird feeders, expansive lawn, and surrounding trees as part of our Greymont Cat Boarding service.

Each cat’s individual townhouse is either 7’ x 3’ or 4’ x 3’. Litter boxes are located in a private area on the lower level. Greymont’s state-of-the-art ventilation system eliminates odors and bacteria.

Cat ready to pounce on a toy mouse.

Greymont provides our feline friends with:

● Fresh water and food at all times

● Supervised playtime

● Lots of TLC

Cat Boarding Prices

● $29 per calendar day for one cat

● No bath required

(Greymont charges are per day, not per night.)