Dog Training Academy

Dog Training Workshops & Day School.

Greymont Academy's dog training programs help dogs and families to be the best they can be by placing respect through leadership at the heart of our unique and proven-successful approach.

Based on a sincere belief that dogs and families can live in harmony, our trainers foster a blend of commitment and compromise to achieve that harmony.

Greymont Academy offers a variety of programs developed to address our clients' wide range of needs and challenges. These include group classes, private lessons, and day school.

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We Got Your Back!

From all of us at Greymont Kennels we are pleased to provide FREE DAYCARE AND BOARDING to First Responders, Hospital Workers, Army Corps of Engineers and Mobilized National Guard. We appreciate all that you do!

Dog Training Workshops

Training Tuesday is a no commitment, once a week group training workshop.  It starts at 6:30pm and lasts approximately 50 minutes. Every week a new topic is covered! With this training option, you can choose to attend all workshops for that month or you can pick and choose which skills you would like your dog to work on the most.

Topics currently covered are as follows:

Leash Walking: This workshop will show you how to teach your dog basic leash manners; it all starts with communication!

  • Recall: Teach your dog to come to you when called and know how to properly handle the situation when they do not listen on or off leash.
  • Stay: Teach your dog a real life “stay” for everyday use; not just for obedience. This is very useful when you are not physically able to watch your dog but need them to remain in a spot until released.
  •  Leave it: Teach your dogs to leave items alone when you ask them to (even when your back is turned)!
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Day School

Greymont Academy’s Day School program invites canine students to spend the day on the Greymont campus with our trained faculty. The program is designed to teach dogs how to communicate with other dogs and with people in a fun and engaging environment. We also focus on developing:

  • Dog language skills
  • Dog and human socialization
  • Problem solving skills
  • Confidence

Prior to enrollment, our trained staff provides a full evaluation of each dog to assess key personality traits, from temperament to play style. Following the full evaluation, owners receive feedback explaining dog personality traits, temperaments, and play styles. This information often proves useful at home and is also used by our trainers to create a customized regimen for each dog.

Registration details/requirements:

  • Fill out a Behavior Questionnaire and sign the release form
  • Provide a credit card
  • Provide proof of current vaccinations
  • All dogs must be on a monthly flea and tick program
  • All dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age
  • Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance or when boarding reservations are made

Drop Off: 7am at the training room
Pick Up: 6pm at the training room

*Any dog not picked up by 6pm will be fed supper and boarded overnight at the daily boarding rate.

*Intact males over one year of age are not allowed to attend school. While intact females are accepted into Day School, they are not allowed to attend when in season.

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