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Poolside Pooch: Water Safety For Your Pets!

Destination Pet

As the days finally begin to warm up our Day School friends here at Greymont will not only be running, jumping, loving, and playing but swimming too!  Day School is quickly becoming a favorite way to get some socialization for dogs that are boarding or just here for the day!

Our awesome Day School Teachers will also add lifeguard to their job descriptions as they supervise pool play time.  With Memorial Day just passing most people have opened their pools to kick off the summer months.  Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe around the pool.

  • Great escape. Make sure there is always an easy way out of the pool or lake for your dog and make sure they know how to use it. If the stairs are inconvenient or hard for your dog to maneuver consider installing floating ramps or “doggy ramps” on the stairs for your dog’s safe exit from the water. There are companies that make portable ramps if you plan on bringing your dog to a lake or a pool away from home. Even if your dog is not a “swimmer” ensuring an exit is available could save his life should he jump or fall in.
  • No drinks in the pool. Never let your dog drink from the water. The chlorine and chemicals in the pool as well as the salt in the ocean and bacteria in lakes can also make your pet sick. Keep a clean bowl of fresh water available for their enjoyment nearby.

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Stay cool!