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What should I bring?
Bring any current medication with a list of the name and dosage your pet is taking. You may bring your own food, and we ask that you pre-portion for two feedings per day or we can feed your pet our food (Nature’s Select). It is not necessary to bring anything else. Greymont is fully equipped with leads, bowls, bedding, toys, etc., and we will make sure your pet is comfortable and content. If you would like Nature's Select delivered to your home, you can  find the details on their website.

What vaccinations are required to board my pet?
Dogs are required to have current Rabies vaccine, DHLPP booster and Bordetella (for kennel cough) per your vet’s vaccination policy. Cats are required to have the Rabies vaccine, Feline Leukemia vaccination and the FVRCP booster per your vet’s vaccination policy.

Will my pets stay together?
Dogs or cats from the same household usually enjoy staying together; however, dogs are always separated at feeding time. Please let us know if you prefer separate accommodations for your pets.

Will my dogs play with other dogs?
Group play is offered through our Day School program.

What is van service?
Greymont provides door-to-door pick up and delivery in most of the Nashville area. The fee of $12.00 each way includes transportation for your pets and their food and medications.

How does the Greymont van service work?
Van service is first-come, first-served. Please request van service when you make your boarding reservation. The day before you check in, our front desk will call to confirm the van pick-up time. The day before you check out, we will call to confirm the van drop-off time.

Can I request a pick-up or drop-off time?
The van service has become extremely popular, and we can run as many as four shuttles per day. We will be able to tell you if your pick up/drop off will be in the morning or afternoon when we call the day before to confirm check in/check out.

Do I need to be home when you pick up or drop off?
Yes, for your pets’ safety, someone needs to be home when we pick up or drop off.

If my plane lands in the morning can I get my pet brought home that afternoon?

We discourage our clients from scheduling van service on the same day their plane lands, as flight schedules are too often subject to change. However, if you land early in the day, you are welcome to call the Front Desk, as we may be able to put your dog on the next van.

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